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Helping Preschoolers Set New Year’s Resolutions

Helping Preschoolers Set New Year’s Resolutions  at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

One of the most fun parts of the new year is being able to start fresh with some resolutions. Get your preschoolers in on the fun this New Year, and help each other stay accountable for the whole year!

Make It Fun

The first step to get your kids involved and to stick with their resolutions is to make it fun. Get some colorful poster board, markers, and stickers and make a New Year’s Resolution poster to hang in the kitchen for all to see. Have fun decorating and writing your whole family’s resolutions. You can come up with any size resolution—from taking healthier snacks to school to promising to read a new book together every week.


Everyone works a little harder or stays with their resolutions longer than they normally would when there’s an incentive or reward program intact. For every week you complete your resolutions, take the family out for ice cream or a movie. Don’t be afraid to customize the incentives to work for your family as the months go by.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Nobody is perfect. Most resolutions disappear halfway through February because of one slip up which leads to feelings of guilt or failure. Don’t strive for perfection, but for progress. Children are especially likely to respond emotionally to any feelings of failure, so don’t punish them for not perfectly reaching their resolutions. Talk it out by using encouraging and positive language.

Be Accountable

Don’t be afraid to be honest if you or someone else is not so perfect at keeping up with your resolutions. Your children will follow your lead of honesty if they see you admitting to your mistakes and taking them in stride. Don’t take the family out or go through with your reward system if the goals were not attained that week. Discuss starting fresh the next week and looking forward to the future.

Whether you end up sticking to your resolutions for the whole year or just a few months, as long as you’re working together as a family and encouraging one another, by this time next year, you’re sure to look back and see all the progress you’ve made.

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