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How to Teach Your Child About Discipline

How to Teach Your Child About Discipline at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare childcare

While every family has their own set of rules and discipline in their house, preschool is its own form of hierarchy and regulation. Your child will have to learn how to interact with both his teachers and classmates in order to succeed and enjoy his time in preschool. Your child may be reluctant and stubborn when it comes to listening to others, but don’t fret! We’ve found a few ways to teach your little one about discipline and following rules at school.

Obeying the teacher

First and foremost, your child must learn to respect and obey his teacher. Explain to your child that the teacher is there to make sure everyone has a positive experience at school and that each child treats others with kindness and respect. Tell your child to always listen when the teacher is speaking and to follow directions. Remind him that he will have more fun and learn so much more if he listens to his teacher!

Raise your hand

A vital part of following the rules in school is learning how to raise your hand and wait before speaking or asking a question. Many preschool classrooms are filled with children talking at once, not yet aware of this rule. This puts more responsibility on the teacher to discipline the whole class, thus cutting time out of the day that could be spent learning or playing. Remind your child to raise his hand in order to be heard in the classroom.

Be kind and patient

To make friends and have fun with every activity, your child must learn how to use kind language with his classmates. Words like “please” and “thank you” are powerful and go a long way! Even in a small classroom, your little one might need to be reminded to always wait his turn. Instilling this early on teaches patience and respect for others.

The foundation of following directions is learning how to listen to teachers in order to know what to do. Remind your child not only to be quiet while the teacher is speaking, but to actually pay attention to the teacher’s words at all times. Remember to be consistent when disciplining your child, and create a bit of balance by showing lots of love. 

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