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Teaching Your Preschooler to Ride a Bike

Ride a Bike

Ditching the training wheels on their beloved bike is a scary thought for most preschoolers! These tips will help them feel safer, giving them space to try something new and learn a new skill.

Gear Up

In addition to wearing a helmet, get your child knee and elbow pads. This extra protection will help make falling seem less scary. While they will probably only wear these for a short time while learning, the extra confidence boost they bring will be a game-changer as your child learns to ride without training wheels.

Lower the Seat

Another confidence boost for your child can come from lowering their bike seat. Lower it all the way so their feet can touch the ground. When your preschooler is used to riding their bike, you can raise it back to normal height.

Try Grass, Then Concrete

Grass is a great, softer surface for your child to start learning to ride on. They won’t get as many cuts and scrapes when they fall and it will seem less intimidating. Once they are starting balance on their own, let them move on and try the concrete!

Let Go

While your child starts pedaling, hold onto the back of their bike to help them balance. After a few pedals, let go! Let them know they will fall but that they won’t be hurt because they are protected and on the grass. After falling once, they will see it’s okay and won’t be as scared. This will help them gain the confidence they need to keep trying until they master riding without training wheels.

Through all of these steps, remember to be patient and encouraging towards your child! Your attitude and belief in them will go a long way as they try something that is scary and unfamiliar to them.

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