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Involving Your Preschooler in Giving

This December, celebrate the Month of Giving with your child! Any type of parental involvement is crucial (and fun) for your preschooler. A child can learn a lot, just by having the chance to be involved in the important things and by having a good role model to watch along the way. Below is a list of ideas to help involve your preschooler in the beauty of giving. This list helps to show that not all giving involves money!

Gift of Time

With your preschooler, find a charity (based on interests) that allows for volunteers. Look for creative opportunities that arise. It may just take the parent making a simple phone call and finding out how the parent and preschooler could help in some creative way. For example, a non-profit you care about may be having an upcoming service project. You and your preschooler could give of your time to go around town hanging up flyers in approved places. 

Gift of Kindness

You can keep doing many things that you already do in front of your preschooler, but you can specifically label these as a gift of kindness to others. For instance, if you allow a car to pull out in front of you during traffic or at a red light, you can display to your preschooler that it is fun to be able to gift someone with kindness. 

Plan a playdate with other parents of preschoolers

Provide the children with a variety of craft supplies. Mail or bring in the final products to an area nursing home.

Around the holidays, look for gift donation boxes

Allow your child to pick out a simple toy to put in the donation box. Proactively tell your preschooler that they are helping to bring a smile to another child’s face during the holidays!

Your preschooler can learn so much about giving, just by seeing you model it for them. Modeling these behaviors and communicating with your child about what you are doing can go a long way in teaching your child habits that will benefit them for a lifetime!

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