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Proper Nutrition is Linked to Preschool Success

Proper Nutrition is Linked to Preschool Success at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

Should parents constantly stress over providing their preschooler perfect nutrition? After all, stress can transfer over to your preschooler. What are parents to do, since proper nutrition is linked to preschool success? Here are a few strategies that are low-stress but can lead to small strides of better nutrition to benefit your preschooler.

Consider nutrients that are important for children.

This WebMD article gives good information about important nutrients to help aid in your preschooler’s school success. 

  • Protein helps raise the body’s natural immune system. (A stronger immune system equals less sick days.)
  • Vitamin D helps build strong bones. (No bones breaking equals less time out of school.)
  • Vitamin C helps with natural immunity but also helps cuts and scrapes heal better.

Incorporate omega-3 fats. 

You may have heard about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for adults, but there are also important medical benefits of omega-3 fats for your preschooler. Providing foods like nuts, seeds, and fatty fish can specifically help with your preschooler’s healthy brain development. 

Teach your child nutrition facts in a fun way.

Since specific nutrition can aid in immunity and brain development, your preschooler may be more on board with nutrition if they are slowly taught about the “why” behind nutrition. Here are a few helpful and child-friendly book ideas.

  • “Super Food” by Haley Harmon: This book teaches how food has clever “superpowers” for your child’s body. This book teaches your preschooler (in a fun way) about the value of healthy eating.
  • “Little Helpers Toddler Cookbook” by Heather Wish Staller: In this book, you and your preschooler can work together to learn the cooking basics to help eat in a healthier way. 

Thankfully, no one is calling on parents to provide healthy nutrition 100% of the time. Stressful nutrition is not beneficial in the long run. Even small steps towards healthier eating are sufficient! 

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