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Talking to Preschoolers in a Way They Actually Listen

Talking to Preschoolers in a Way They Actually Listen at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

Every parent faces the issue of their child not listening at some point.  This can be very frustrating and seem as if your preschooler just doesn’t care.  Your preschooler may need you to communicate in a different way. 


Most importantly, remain calm when speaking to your preschooler.  If you are frustrated and speaking in a terse tone or yelling, your preschooler is likely to “shut down” and not listen.  Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself before starting your conversation.  Remember your preschooler learns how to communicate with others by watching you!

Eye level

Squat down so you are at eye level with your preschooler.  Say your preschooler’s name and request they look at you, so you know you have her attention.  Some preschoolers may not feel comfortable looking you in the eye, so be sensitive to this trait and don’t force your preschooler to look you in the eye.  Instead, ask her to look at your face, shoulder, or her hair.  You should still be on eye level with her so if she decides it is ok to make eye contact she can.  

Choose Your Words

Use as few words as possible when speaking with your preschooler.  Preschoolers are still learning how language and conversation works.  If you use a lot of words, it can be confusing and overwhelming for your preschooler to process, especially if he is upset.  If you use big words, stop and ask your preschooler if he knows what they mean to build his vocabulary.  


It is important to listen to your preschooler if you want her to listen to you.  You are her biggest teacher and model of how this world works and that includes how to listen.  When she speaks to you, get down on her level and listen.  Ask questions and let her know you are interested in what she has to say.  

Your preschooler likely will not listen every time you talk to him, but be consistent in how you handle communication and he will learn to listen every time.  Model effective and healthy communication for your preschooler and he will be an effective communicator throughout his life!  

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