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    Helping Preschoolers Understand Veterans Day

    Helping Preschoolers Understand Veterans Day at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

    Veterans Day is a day that encompasses many pieces that may be difficult for a preschooler to understand. By breaking it down, it is possible to help them to start understanding its significance.  Here are some parts of Veterans Day that might be a simple place to start. 

    Who is a veteran?

    To begin with, Veterans Day is a day set aside to celebrate those who have served in our country’s military. Our country has multiple branches of service. We have the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, and Space Force. To help your preschooler understand what our military is, take some time to look up the different branches and share pictures that may interest her whether it is the transportation equipment, different uniforms, or other aspects. A veteran could be someone still in the military or not. It could also be someone we know! Many veterans live and work around us! If your family personally knows a veteran, ask if they would be willing to share what it means to be a veteran. 

    What does a veteran do?

    Has your preschooler ever had to sacrifice or give up something he enjoyed? Many of our veterans have had to make sacrifices. Things a veteran may have sacrificed are time with family, holidays, important events with their children, and even safety. Being a veteran can be hard. 

    When is Veterans Day?

    Veterans Day is celebrated every year on November 11. Veterans Day is a day that is also celebrated in other countries. These countries call it Remembrance Day or Poppy Day. The poppy flower is the symbol of this special day because poppies grew in the battlefields after WWI. 

    Are there books on Veterans Day?

    Another way to help your preschooler understand Veterans Day is to read books. There are many books that can help her begin to understand Veterans Day. Hero Dad, H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet, Lil’ Army Soldier, Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood, Granddad Bud, America: A Patriotic Primer, Pepper’s Purple Heart: A Veterans Day Story, and Hero Mom are just a few of the many books that talk about Veterans’ Day.

    Explaining what Veterans Day means may feel like a difficult task. However, it does not have to be. Hopefully, you feel more prepared to be successful in breaking this special day down into understandable pieces for your preschooler. 

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