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Making Fall Crafts with Preschoolers

Making Fall Crafts with Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

Perhaps you are a little bit sad that the seasons are changing yet again! All hope for outdoor fun is not lost, though. You and your preschooler can grab some easy outdoor and all-natural “supplies” to make fall crafts together. 

Here are a few simple ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Allow your preschooler to work with clay (whether Play-Doh or Air Dry clay). When your child’s design is complete, have him poke it with things from nature to give it texture (items such as pine cones, sticks, acorns, etc., could be fun to use).
  2. Have your preschooler collect sticks. These can then be your child’s “paint brush” while outdoors. Encourage your child to dip the sticks in washable paint to then use on whatever types of items that you choose (construction paper, rocks, leaves, etc.).  
  3. Collect acorns or pinecones. Your preschooler could paint these, and you can use a hot glue gun to glue on ribbon or string. Then, your preschooler can hang these creations somewhere.
  4. If painting is not your preferred activity, no problem! You can purchase a variety of well-priced fall craft ideas on 
  5. Have your preschooler hole punch leaves. Your child can then use these as a “filler” for another fall craft. For example, you can trace your child’s hands and have your child use these hole-punched leaves to glue to the middle of the traced hands. 
  6. Grab the sidewalk chalk. You and your preschooler can draw a desired fall scene. No space? You can use the chalk at a nearby public park. 
  7. You can create a simple scavenger hunt to search for the above items from nature. 

It does not matter if you and your preschooler collect these nature “supplies” from the woods, your neighborhood park, or right outside your front door. It is the adventure and time spent searching for the items and then creating art with them that counts. Happy fall to you and your preschooler!

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