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Screen Free Ways to Occupy Preschoolers Away from Home

Screen Free Ways to Occupy Preschoolers Away from Home at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is inevitable! You and your preschooler will be in situations that require your undivided attention, and when your preschooler will be required to stay otherwise occupied (and hopefully free of trouble)! 

Preschoolers already get a lot of screen time; so it may be neat to consider some other possibilities to occupy your child’s time while you are away from home. Whether you will have to take your preschooler to your doctor’s appointment, or if you will all have to be in the vehicle for a long period of time, here are a few ideas.

  • Keep things fresh! Proactively have a “go-to bag” that is filled with fresh activities your preschooler does not otherwise get to play with at home. Examples may include fun animal stickers, reusable sticker scenes, colorful pens, or fancy markers to use with a fresh notebook or new coloring book. The possibilities are endless, based on your preschooler’s likes! The key is that the items inside the bag are fresh. 
  • Utilize free books from the library! If you know in advance that your preschooler will be going to some appointment with you, find several “lift the flap” books to take along. There are detailed books with a lot of flaps! Seek and find books are another possibility to get from the library.
  • Check out Melissa and Doug toys. They have “Water WOW” water pens that give your preschooler the chance to color an activity page using just water in an enclosed container. This company also has sticker scenes, dry erase activity books, and so much more. These types of things could be included in your go-to bag. Many children’s consignment stores sell these products, and you can find them online. 

There are ways for your preschooler to stay occupied, while also getting the chance to use their imagination while away from home. If your child is happy and occupied, it will make your outing go much smoother. That’s a win-win for everyone!

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