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Benefits of Reading to Your Preschool Children

Benefits of Reading to Your Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen/Pearland, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Reading to your preschool children is one of the best ways to connect and maintain a healthy relationship with them. As you gather around and get lost diving into a story together, you are bonding over the shared experience of another world. There are so many benefits of reading with your little ones, so get out the books!

Reading promotes language skills.

Reading promotes language skills and reading comprehension for the future. The earlier you begin reading to your children, the more likely they will love reading. Academic excellence in their childcare program is a sure benefit from reading aloud to your children.

Reading improves communication skills.

A mastery of language and improved communication skills are an added benefit to reading that can sometimes be overlooked. The more they hear you read and pronounce words, the more their vocabulary will widen and their communication will flourish. Read older children’s books with bigger vocabulary words to help them learn even more!

Reading helps character development.

Reading a series of books instead of short stories is a way to let your little ones see character development and to really connect to the story. Choose fictional or factual pieces—both are good for children. You could find all the books that are available to you on a certain character, like George Washington, and let your preschool children learn as much as they can about American history. Or, you could get them started on a series like Madeleine by Ludwig Bemelmans so they can become enthralled with the life of a little orphaned girl.

Through reading, we learn that we’re all more alike than we think, and we always have something in common with the characters. That’s what makes it easy to put ourselves in the middle of the story. Reading gives them the opportunity to experience different places and times without leaving the house. Read to your preschool children and from an early age they will learn to love the world of reading.

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