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Making Meaningful Friendships: Preschool Edition

Making Meaningful Friendships: Preschool Edition at Kids 'R' Kids Highland Glen, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Preschool is a wonderful time to begin to make friendships. Making new friends can be easy for those children that are bold enough to just ask, “Will you be my friend?” but for others it can be a little more difficult. Regardless, you can help your preschoolers out by providing guidance and encouragement as they set out to begin their preschool squad.

Get together with other moms and set up opportunities for play dates with other children. These play dates can be fun for your children since they will have the chance to play with their friends, but it can also be a refresher for parents to connect with other parents that are walking the same path of life. Meet up at the park for lunch, or visit a museum together if you don’t want to have to clean up the house for everyone. Make it as fun and stress-free as possible!

Encourage your children to make friends. Show them how to befriend those that need a friend, and how to be kind and empathetic to other children. Young children are probably the best at making friends because they are so naturally forgiving and rarely hold grudges. If they do, however, you can walk them through the process and guide them toward the right reactions and feelings. 

Raise up your children to be the kind of people that you would want your children to befriend, and teach them how to be kind to everyone. Teach them while they’re young how to make and keep good friends, because that is a trait that they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. Enjoy these preschool years and the adorable little friendships that your little ones will form. And who knows, some may last a lifetime, so invest in these precious preschool years at hand. 

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