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Benefits of Imaginary Play

imaginary play

When your child plays pretend, they are doing more than just escaping the real world, they are building skills that will foster their growth and development. There are many skills your child builds while playing pretend, but here are four benefits we love about imaginary play.

Encourages Creativity

During pretend play, your child is probably pretending to be someone else or somewhere else. These adventures they create in their mind are fun and exciting; they are probably using the objects around them to aid in their adventure. Where we see something ordinary, such as a chair, your child might be imagining it as a formidable opponent. This imagination truly encourages and builds creativity in your child.

Enhances Planning and Organizational Skills

Many times a child already knows how they want their imaginary situation to end before it begins. This gives children the opportunity to practice their planning and organizational skills, along with problem solving. Another way this can manifest is through the way a child chooses to organize the room or their toys for their pretend play.

Boosts Independence

Creating their own stories and situations outside of the real world helps kids boost independence as they entertain themselves with their surroundings. There is also the unique opportunity to express yourself in pretend play. Pretend play can reinforce likes or dislikes and help children to begin developing the ability to make choices on their own.

Improves Social Skills

Playing pretend with others can improve your child’s social skills. They will practice teamwork and listening to others while they go on pretend quests or participate in other worldly experiences. Another lesson pretend play teaches is you have to take turns being the best character!

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