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How to Get Your Preschooler Involved in Giving

This December, celebrate the Month of Giving with your child! Any time that you engage your preschooler, learning will be more apt to take place. The same holds true for involving your preschooler in giving. Below are five strategies that will help get your preschooler involved in making giving a part of their everyday routine.

Give the gift of time

Not all giving costs money. Allow your preschooler the chance to help you volunteer for a cause that is close to your family’s heart! Contact a local non-profit for ideas to do together as a family.

Give the gift of kindness

Continue doing any acts of kindness that come naturally to you. For example, if you are good at proactively helping a mother in the store who drops her diaper bag and its contents, communicate with your preschooler in very specific ways after-the-fact. You could tell your preschooler how that was so much fun for you to give the gift of kindness to that other mother. 

Purchase and donate a stuffed animal

With your preschooler’s help, choose a gently used or new stuffed animal to donate to the local police or fire station. These stuffed animals are good for first responders to have on hand so that they can give them to children in distress.

Organize your preschooler’s toys and clothes

Let your preschooler help you go through some old clothes and toys to donate. Local consignment store owners may know of good organizations or shelters who are in need of specific donations. If your preschooler has a hard time wanting to give away items, Anisha Mack Blumenberg has a wonderful book about a boy learning about the importance of giving away toys, called Bye-Bye Toys

Plan a playdate with purpose

Plan a time for your child and friends to make crafts together. Provide the children with a variety of craft supplies. Then, mail or bring in the final products to a local nursing home in your area.

Your preschooler can learn much about giving just by seeing it modeled by you! Modeling this behavior, plus communication with your child about what you are doing, can go a long way. 

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