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“Staycation” Ideas for Families

You don’t have to spend a fortune to getaway. Nowadays, travel spending plans are tight for most families. Attempt one of these ideas for a “staycation,” a way to have some good times of an excursion without the expense.

  1. Backyard Camping – Children love the experience of sleeping outside while having the security of realizing that the house is close by. Plan a night of classic camping activities: build a fire, roast s’ mores, and tell scary stories.
  2. Explore Raleigh – Make a plan to explore your city as a tourist would. Seek out historic sites, visit museums, and try restaurants you’ve never eaten at before.
  3. Stay in a Nearby Hotel – Hotels have many amenities: restaurants, pools, arcades. A day full of activities, plus your room will be clean when you get back!
  4. Take a Hike – Lookup a trail close to you, such as the Eno River Trails in Durham, strap on some sneakers, and go! You could even bring a picnic along!
  5. Movie Marathon – Have everyone in the family pick out a movie. Make popcorn and gather a bunch of snacks!
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