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Early Intervention Makes the Difference!

As a parent of a child with autism we found that early detection and intervention was the key to helping my child. My son’s delays were discovered at his well child check up when he was not meeting developmental milestones. At this appointment, it was recommended that we seek out further observations and assessments. 

We began the process of researching the best ways to help our young autistic son to grow and learn.  As we ventured into working with organizations, The Child Development Services Agency suggested that he receive both occupational and speech therapy on a weekly basis. Therapy provided him with one on one teaching opportunities that helped build his vocabulary and his sensory coping techniques. Without these interventions, my child would not have been able to handle daily activities without much stress and further delay.  He began to improve!

Early intervention is effective to improve the IQ and social and language skills of children with autism.  Also, the support it gives a family journeying through this process is critical.  A study was conducted by a professor at the University of Washington.  He measured the benefits of early intervention between two groups of toddlers. One group was given an enhanced intervention therapeutic schedule while the other group was in a community based therapy program.  At the conclusion, the group of toddlers with intervention vastly improved, over three times higher than the other group. 

The difference between success and failure is early intervention. Services through early intervention and therapy provide children the ability to flourish in almost any educational environment. As a parent and an educator, I want to see every child succeed.  With early intervention, parents and educators can see that this isn’t just possible, it’s probable.

-Tiffany Cook, Assistant Director Kids ‘R’ Kids of Clayton