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The Power of Talking

As a Program Coordinator, I mentor and support our teaching staff in their classrooms, help them implement curriculum and balance challenging children’s behaviors, too.  Before this role at the school, I worked exclusively with young toddlers, but I spent some time teaching other ages as well. A huge take-away from my experiences thus far, is the concept of the “Power of Talking.”

Studies show that there is a link between children’s cognitive development and how often we communicate with our children.  It is suggested that kids hear a minimum of 1,200 words per hour in their early lives.  The power of talking with a child gives them a rich vocabulary, builds their language development, curiosity, critical thinking and overall intelligence.

Parents and caregivers, allow your children to hear you converse with them all day.  Tell them the steps of a recipe, how you are cleaning the kitchen or about the book you are reading.  Even if children don’t fully understand, your words will birth a depth of language development that won’t be discovered in a quiet home or classroom.

-Roseanne Schroetter, Program Coordinator Kids ‘R’ Kids of Clayton