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How to Keep Preschool Children Cool when It’s Hot

How to Keep Preschool Children Cool when It’s Hot at Kids 'R' Kids Charlotte, preschool, daycare, childcare

Having your preschooler drink water and apply sunscreen are two no brainers when it comes to the summer season. However, there are several ways you can further protect your preschooler from the heat while also having a blast. Check out these tips to freeze out the summer sun.

Make your own hat.

One way to beat the heat and protect your skin from the sun is by wearing protective clothing like baseball caps or sunhats. Pick up a plain, basic hat at your local department store, grab some fabric paint, and decorate away to get your kiddo on board for staying safe in the summer heat.

Go indoors!

As temperatures rise this summer, you and your youngsters are bound to run into days where it’s simply too hot to leave the house. When this happens, turn to one of these fun indoor activities.

  • Bake cookies or cupcakes.
  • Create an indoor scavenger hunt.
  • Start a summer bucket list of things you want to do as a family.

Slip N’ Slide!

For this summer activity you’ll need either a tarp or some heavy-duty plastic sheeting, stakes to anchor the sheeting down, a garden hose and some baby oil. Put everything together and you have your very own DIY slip n’ slide! Soon your backyard will be transformed into a watery wonderland.

Make your own sweet water!

Drinking water and staying hydrated is a necessity during those hot summer months. If your youngster is resistant to drinking multiple glasses of water throughout the day, try adding fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries to add natural sweetener to your hydrating beverage. You can also keep plastic water bottles in the freezer, which melt into an icy delight when you’re on the go.

Those extra hot days are perfect for planning a summer bucket list filled with both indoor and outdoor family activities. From visiting the park to having a dance party in the living room, there are numerous ways to avoid the heat indoors while also staying hydrated and protected outdoors.

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