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How to Raise a Preschool Scientist

How to Raise a Preschool Scientist at Kids 'R' Kids Charlotte, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Everything is science—preschool children just need to keep an eye open to spot it. From pancake batter to the weather outside, there’s always something scientific to learn! Here are three ways that you can raise a young scientist.

Read about famous scientists.

Read about famous scientists like Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin that have made tremendous impacts on our lives. Learn about their childhoods and the ways that they learned science, and let your children become inspired to be creative and experiment with new ideas in their preschool.

Let them read about how electricity was discovered and how the light bulb was invented. Let them read about Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone. Make science real for them!

Do science experiments together.

Watch how chemical reactions start a car engine, and how baking soda reacts to vinegar and produces mini volcanic reactions. For kids, hands on activities are going to make a much more lasting impact than just hearing about scientific theories. You can tell them that sodium bicarbonate produces a combustion when mixed with acetic acid, but it’s going to fly over their heads unless you let them pour the two together and watch them bubble over. Make it fun!

Go to science museums with your preschooler.

Go to science museums and fairs to see real life examples of science that people have done in the past and things that other people are working on right now. If you have the opportunity, visiting places like NASA Space Center can be highly intriguing and exciting for your child to experience. 

The easiest way to raise a little scientist is to immerse them in science! Show them how science is incorporated into every area of life, and let them learn how famous men and women in the past have contributed to modern science. Let them try out hands-on science experiments so they can see science up close.

Make it fun and they will learn so much!

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