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Brain Waves® Curriculum

Curriculum designed to stimulate brain development and set your child on a fast track to Kindergarten and beyond

Designed for children of all ages

By combining the power of our exclusive Brain Waves® Curriculum with the guidance of quality teachers, our goal is to provide stimulating learning experiences that support brain development and maximize your child’s mental capacity.

Rich learning opportunities that are balanced to include new experiences, multiple learning styles, and sensory stimulation all support brain development by letting children play with a purpose.

Our exclusive Brain Waves® Curriculum provides a predictable process that helps channel stimulation into long-term learning and helps children meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

VIDEO: Why your child's brain loves Problem Solving

Brain Development the Kids ’R’ Kids Way

Our Learning Academies are filled with stimulating materials that allow teachers to facilitate children’s exploration through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch — as these sensory experiences send information directly to the brain and create the platform for healthy cognitive growth.

A combination of physical activity integrated with academic concepts promotes success in school and at home. See how this approach helps to address impulse control, alertness, and memory to let each child thrive.

Putting It All Together

A stimulating learning environment includes a variety of activities centered around a common theme.  Here, the theme of “Lemons and Lemonade” highlights a variety of styles:

Language: reading a book about the growth cycle of lemons promotes communication and science skills.

Math/Logic: making real lemonade and describing the sequence of events gives hands-on experience in counting, measuring, and enjoying a taste.

Music: recreating the song “BINGO” with new lyrics about a lemon tree and spelling out “L-E-M-O-N” brings a new twist to an old favorite.

Art: stamp-painting with cut lemons lets children see the patterns and examine the internal structure.  Of course, tasting the cut lemons first can be a fun way to laugh unexpectedly!

Physical: building with boxes painted to simulate a lemon tree and lemons promotes gross motor skills.

Interpersonal & Intrapersonal: sharing turns making lemonade in dramatic play, or individually playing a matching game develops social-emotional learning.

VIDEO: Amplifying your child’s cognitive development through brain-stimulating activities

Brain Waves® Learning Objectives

Our learning stations are filled with math manipulatives, science elements, and stimulating visuals that support brain pathways for cognitive development. In addition, our teachers conduct activities to help children explore causation and employ questions that promote higher-level thinking.

Frontal Lobe Development

The main function of the frontal lobe is cognitive thinking, such as reasoning and problem solving. This portion of the brain is also responsible for motor development, language development, social-emotional behavior, and impulse control.

Temporal Lobe Development

The two main functions of the temporal lobe are auditory processing and memory. This part of the brain distinguishes different sounds while listening.

Parietal Lobe Development

The parietal lobe processes information relating to touch, temperature, and pain. This lobe also helps with the brain function such as perceptual modality, sensory processing, spatial recognition, visual and speech processing, and perception.

Occipital Lobe Development

The occipital lobe is the part of the brain responsible for visual processing.

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Your child’s learning environment has tremendous impact on their brain development.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we use strategies from our Brain Waves® Curriculum to support neural pathways for language, social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development during these crucial years.

The Brain Waves® FAMILY ACTIVITY BOOK included HERE gives clear insight on how the brain works with fun exercises for you and your child to enjoy together.