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Spooky Science for Your Preschooler

Spooky Science for Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, childcare, daycare

Looking for some fun and spooky science projects to do with the kids this Halloween? Look no further! Here are four great ideas that are sure to get some giggles and screams out of even the most jaded trick-or-treaters.

Make Your Own “Ghosts” Using Milk and Food Coloring

This simple experiment is always a hit with the little ones. All you need is a cup of whole milk, a few drops of food coloring, dish soap, and a plate. Pour the milk into the plate until it covers the bottom. Add a few drops of food coloring all over the milk and then drop a dab of dish soap into the middle. Watch as the “ghosts” run away!

Create a “Haunted House” Using a Coffee Can and Black Construction Paper

This is a great project for older kids. Cut a rectangle doorway and square windows out of the coffee can. Then, cut a rectangular piece of black construction paper to cover the doorway (you might want to add a little length for a hinge to anchor the door). Lastly, cut out two + shapes that can act as window jambs for the squares you’ve cut out. Glue these pieces to their respective cut-outs, then, using a flashlight, shine light through the bottom of the coffee can to create a spooky effect.

Make “Graveyard Slime” Using White Glue, Borax, and Black Liquid Food Coloring

This icky concoction is sure to gross out even the bravest of Halloween ghouls! Simply mix together one teaspoon of Borax and 1/2 cup of water in a plastic container, then add a few drops of black food coloring. The slime will form instantly and can be shaped into any ghastly form you like.

Conduct a “Mold Experiment” Using a Piece of Bread and a Petri Dish

This project is perfect for budding scientists. Place a piece of bread in a Tupperware container and add a few drops of water. Then, set the dish in a warm, dark place and wait for mold to form. Once the mold appears, have your kids observe it closely and record their findings. Just make sure you don’t eat it! 

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