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Help Your Preschooler Beat the Back-to-School Blues

Help Your Preschooler Beat the Back-to-School Blues at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

Summer is ending, and the school year will be starting again soon. Do you or your preschooler have the back-to-school blues? If so, no problem! Below are some tips for beating those back-to-school blues while enjoying the remainder of the summer with your preschooler. (Plus, many of these come at no cost!)

Hit the playgrounds one last time.

If possible, try to go to as many playgrounds as possible. Many elementary school playgrounds may still be available for public play during the summer. Try to make it to new play areas your children may not have been to before. Fresh play areas make for fresh and unique memories. Planning your playtimes for earlier in the morning will help to keep the heat at bay. 

Make time for water play.

Whether you have a public pass for swim time, or a sprinkler to let your preschooler run through, any bit of water play can be a blast for your child. If you do not have space or availability for the “big water play” options, even a simple bowl of water and a straw for spewing water outside will bring a giggle to your child. (Just make sure your preschooler understands that this type of straw spewing is only for that special outdoor time.)

Grab a back-to-school book from the library.

Gene Lipen wrote a wonderful book called, “Arthur Goes Back to School.” This book is designed for ages 3-9, and it is about a dog who enjoys different learning activities at school. This book also includes fun rhymes!

Use the wind to your advantage. 

Play with bubbles! Though you can find a variety of bubble playing options at any box store, any simple bubble mixture will bring fun for your preschooler. A windy day will make the bubbles fly extra wild. You can also make a kite with your preschooler (to attempt) to fly in the breeze. 

Back-to-school fun will come soon enough. Until then, enjoy the summer memories with your preschooler!

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