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Getting to Know Your Preschooler’s Teacher

Getting to Know Your Preschooler’s Teacher at Kids 'R' Kids Bella Terra, preschool, daycare, childcare

You and your child’s teacher have a common goal: to give your child the best learning experience possible. It is important to foster a relationship with your child’s teacher in order for you both to have a fuller understanding of your child. Try these tips to get to know your preschooler’s teacher better.

  1. Communicate

The key to any good relationship is good communication. This relationship is no different. Many teachers already incorporate strategies for communicating with parents that may include a newsletter, email, phone calls, in-person meetings, a class website, or even an app. Communication may not be the same for each teacher and classroom, but most importantly, find out the best way to stay in contact with your child’s teacher. 

  1. Get Involved

Parent volunteers are a huge resource to the teacher and the school. This will look differently for each school, classroom, or family. Start with asking the teacher for ways you can volunteer. Some parents may have the ability to physically go and be a classroom helper. Other parents may not be able to be in the classroom during the day. Instead, they could help raise funds, get donations, or work on other projects at home. By volunteering, you get a better picture of your child’s daily activities and you show your support for the teacher.

  1. Be Consistent

Many parents start strong at the beginning of a new year. However, it is important to remain consistent throughout the year. Periodically ask your child’s teacher about ways that you can help your child at home. Look for informal ways at drop off or pick-up times to make sure your child’s teacher knows that you are “on the same page.” A consistent partnership that lasts throughout the year will help you get to know your child’s teacher really well.

Bonus Tip: At the beginning of the year, send a little back to school gift to your child’s teacher along with a questionnaire. The Internet has many free printable pages like this one. This is a quick way to start building a relationship with your preschooler’s teacher from the start.

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