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Tuition Payment

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Our families are an important and intricate part of our school and community, so we understand the importance of keeping you in the loop on what’s happening at your daycare school with updated newsletters, calendars, and menus.

Tuition rates are based on a weekly schedule unless otherwise noted.  Parents may set a payment schedule that best suits their needs.  Accounts must remain current, if a balance is over one week old, the child may not be permitted back into the center until it is paid.  Tuition is due on Friday for the upcoming week.  Payments may be made with a check or credit cards.  No cash will be accepted.

A fee is charged for returned checks.  Late fees are applied on tuition not received by the close of business Monday of the current week.  Tuition not paid by the close of business Thursday will be assessed an additional late fee.

If your child is picked up after 6:30 PM, a $15 fee is assessed.  For every additional 10 minutes after 6:40 PM another $15 fee is assessed.  After 7:00 PM, and additional charge of $2 per minute is assessed and, as mandated by Licensing, we will have to contact the Constables Office. Calling our center to say that you will be late does not waive the late fees.

Since staffing and other operational costs are incurred on the basis of fixed levels of enrollment and because few of these costs are eliminated when the child is temporarily absent, we cannot give tuition refunds or discounts for days your child is absent.

Fees are based on enrollment, not attendance.  No tuition adjustments will be made due to illness, holidays, school closings, or transfers. Days cannot be exchanged or made up for other days.