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Attention to detail is the key to an unsurpassed early education experience

Policies for excellence and peace of mind

Please understand that for your child’s protection and the protection of our staff and other children, we strictly enforce our illness policy. We kindly request your full cooperation by not bringing in sick children, and picking up a sick child within one hour when you are called to do so. We cannot allow children with communicable diseases in the Center. A child with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea must go home. You understand that if your child is ill, including, but not limited to a severe cough or sore throat, undetermined rash or spots, boils, congestion, non-clear runny nose, pink-eye, temperature 100.4 degrees or higher, severe headaches, upset stomach or diarrhea, you will be contacted immediately and he/she cannot be accepted into the center until well or has been without fever or other symptoms for 24 hours.  In the event your child has a communicable disease, please notify the center immediately so we may notify other parents.  A release form from a doctor may be required before your child re-enters the center. Kids R Kids will notify parents if a communicable disease has been introduced into the center. A child who, due to a temporary health condition, cannot play outside should remain at home. For safety reasons, we are simply not staffed to watch a single child inside while the rest of the class plays outside. A child who is too sick to go outside is too sick to be at our school.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is due in advance each Friday for the following week. Monthly payments in advance (based upon the number of Mondays in a month) are accepted. For those parents paying weekly, if tuition is not paid by Monday evening, a $35 late fee will be added to the balance due. If tuition is not paid by Thursday evening, an additional $10 late fee may be added to your balance due. Tuition and other fees are to be paid in full without deduction for absences of any duration or for any cause (inclement weather, etc.) and without substitution of other days of attendance as “make up” days. Please understand that this is because staffing and other operational costs are incurred on the basis of fixed levels of enrollment and because few of these costs are eliminated when the child is temporarily absent.  No portion of your weekly paid outstanding tuition will be refunded or canceled in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from School. If your tuition check returns for any reason, a $35 fee will be charged to your account. In the event that you do not make payments or do not give 30 day written notice of withdrawal, you will be given a one-time written notice of charges owed. You will then have 15 days from that notice to pay or resolve any disputes with the management of Kids R Kids. You agree to pay any reasonable attorneys fees or collection agency fees with interest and court costs, as well as 2% per month from the date that payment was first due. We encourage all of our families to use Tuition Express for making payments; however, we also accept checks and money orders.