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  1. Dance party.  Choose some music and make it a theme. Add fun costumes and decorations! Tape colored tissue paper to flashlights or lamps for colorful lighting and have a blast dancing to your favorite tunes.
  2. Kid-friendly recipes. There are great non-bake recipes online that are easy for kids! Make up a “menu” for dinner and maybe start a cooking blog on Instagram!
  3. Indoor camping. Set up your tent or create a fort out of blankets. You can even make homemade s’mores! Tell stories, read some books, or even pop some popcorn and watch a movie in your fort!
  4. Scavenger hunt. Hide fun objects around the house for your kids to find. You can even get your child to create their own scavenger hunt for other family members to join.
  5. Creative t-shirt contest. Bust out some old shirts and find fabric markers and other decorating items and use your imagination! You can have your friends vote for their favorite using Facebook, or even have a “runway show” to show off your cool creations!