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Allen Private Toddler Daycare Childcare Development Schools

Finding the right Allen private daycare for your toddler can be a real challenge. Who can you trust to provide a safe, friendly environment that is focused on learning and development?

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we understand the importance of a structured curriculum for your toddler, and we provide the special services that your child needs to blossom into a well-versed preschooler. Our toddler daycare in Allen TX is stimulating, promotes development and uses professional resources to make the most of your child’s learning time adventures.

Why choose our Allen private daycare for preschool

You are committed to providing a top-notch education for your children at private schools in Allen TX. This can start as early as toddler daycare in Allen TX. Our infant/toddler program builds on your child’s existing skills, focusing on:

  • Stories and songs to stimulate the imagination
  • Language building through sign language and other developmental methods
  • Physical activity to promote all levels of motor skills
  • Social interaction with peers and other adults
  • Creativity with state-of-the art learning centers for science, math, literacy, music, drama and art

Other childcare development schools in Allen TX may offer what they call comprehensive learning programs, but our highly trained staff make the difference in our ability to provide top-notch educational-based care for your little one. Not only are all of your team members trained in First Aid, they also receive all of the same professional development that is available to Allen Independent School District employees.

Our Allen private daycare instructors either have a degree in early childhood education or receive specialized training through CDA and CCP programs. Let us show you the Kids ‘R’ Kids difference today. Stop by for a tour or contact us to learn more about how our specialized learning environment can benefit your child.