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As the Holidays Approach, Enjoy a Family Date Night

Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Watkinsville believes that finding some much needed “just us” time is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse or significant other. But spending fun and quality time together with the whole family also is crucial!

The recipe for a successful “at home family date night” is simple, easy and affordable. Start with yummy food, throw in a fun activity that can be enjoyed by every family member, and wrap up the evening  with a family movie complete with PJs and popcorn!

Creating positive childhood memories help establish a safe and firm foundation for your child(ren) as they continue to learn and grow. While it may seem like you have to pull out all the stops to create a family night that won’t have eyes rolling, the simpler and easier you make the planning, the more likely you’ll find yourself enjoying the night!

If tantrums or fights break out, deal with them as best you can but make an effort not to let it ruin the night. No family is perfect but spending time together as a family is an excellent way of reminding your children that they are part of a family unit that loves and appreciates them!

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