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Onsite Digital Learning Lounge

A safe, smart and fun virtual learning environment for school-age children!

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School Age / Full Day Program

With local elementary schools and districts choosing to continue with distance learning, Kids ‘R’ Kids is here to help provide a safe, fun and supervised environment. Our Full Day Program, with a managed classroom environment, will provide the support your child needs to stay connected with his or her classroom teacher(s) and engaged with their daily assignments. Peace of mind for you and success for your child.

  • Enrolling for Kindergarten – 5th Grade
  • Extended Hours from 6:30AM – 6:30PM
  • Interactive Technology with WIFI access
  • Homework Help
  • Engaged Teachers to Oversee The Classroom
  • Communication Folder 
  • Mock ECPSS School Schedule

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A look into our Full Day Program!

Our Virtual LEarning Schedule

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The schedule listed above is subject to change with notice.

Before and After School

  • Will continue each week for families looking for this service during the week(s) their student is in school
  • After school clubs will continue and small group routines will continue throughout the day and at the end of the day to limit child engagement between grade levels, different schools, and other considered items.
  • Track out program that caters to students having tier week off vacation” will also run on normal schedule – currently WITHOUT field trips.

Virtual Learning Program

  • We understand many schools, classrooms and teachers, and students are going to have individual academic demands. Your student will receive a communication folder upon registration. This folder is to be used by our parents and staff to communicate with one another about the child’s schedules, academic needs, and ‘LIVE” learning time; including passwords.
  • It’s important that your student is prepared each day for school. The schedule for our program will reflect very similarly to a WCPSS classroom schedule. Your student will need to bring in their own school supplies, technology, password notebook, and any communication from their teacher. We will provide the WIFI. It’s important that we implement respect and responsibility each day. *Please remember students are responsible for their own technology.
  • Staff in our virtual learning program will be some familiar faces, too. Ms. Mychelle from Suite 350 and Ms. Hannah from Suite 500/550, and Ms. Dawn A from Suite 550 will all be moving over to the school-age program with our students moving into kindergarten and beyond. We understand a transition to kindergarten can be difficult, especially this year with the current status of schools and academics, but it’s good to know there will be some familiar teaching styles and faces for our students and their families.
  • The program’s roster will be split for the kids to be grouped not only by age and grade but by academic demands and needs, too. We will have 1-02 staff per grade level to flex the concept of students needing to onto their virtual learning meetings at a set time, and to assist to the best of our abilities with students’ daily academics. Students will be designated times for English, Math, as well as assistance with online schoolwork. The days will also be rounded out with free play, art, music, STEAM, and PE activities.

Other Things to Consider

  • Driver(s) will be directed to wear a mask during their commute on the bus.
  • Students are screened off the bus before loading. If a student exhibits symptoms before loading the bus, the child is dismissed from our bus line and the parent is contacted from their child’s school to pickup at their PRIMARY school, as we restrict group transportation if necessary. Students are given hand sanitizer before loading on the bus. Students are encouraged to wear a mask and while the bus is in motion, the windows are down to help circulate air.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting transportation vehicles regularly, including frequently touched surfaces like seats, handles, windows, etc. We will also be using our disinfectant foggers after each bus run to ensure purification of the vehicle for the next driver/student pickup.
  • We look to assist students as much as possible through this program. But we DO NOT replace WCPSS teachers and staff.