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Road Trip Safety with Preschoolers

family vacation

Many family vacations involve a road trip, long or short! While everyone is excited to reach the destination, getting there can be stressful for everyone! We want our preschoolers to have fun on the trip, but more importantly to be safe! These road trip tips will help your family make it to that seemingly distant destination!

First of all, make sure the car is all set for a road trip! Check your vehicle’s tire pressure before departing and pack a first aid kit somewhere inside just in case. Then, double check to make sure your child’s car seat is properly installed. All the straps should be tightened and children should sit in the middle, if possible.

Next, when you are on the road, try not to let your gas tank fall below ¼ full. While this might seem extreme, it will make sure you never run out of gas! You never know when you might fall upon a long stretch of no gas stations. If you and your family are driving through the night, make sure someone is staying up with the driver at all times. If all drivers are tired, pull off the road and try to get some sleep. It’s not worth it to risk anyone’s safety in order to save a few minutes on a long trip!

Finally, try to keep the passengers quiet in the back seat so the driver is not distracted! We know this is much easier said than done, especially when the passengers are young children prone to boredom and/or fighting. Keep them occupied with new toys you picked up at the dollar store before the trip! Activities like coloring books, road trip bingo, and movies will keep their attention for a while, too. One of our favorite road trip tips is to pack a picnic lunch and allow your children to run around at a rest stop while you eat to burn off some of that energy!

These tips will help your family have the best road trip, one that is safe and fun! Before you know it, you will be at your destination and ready for a great week of family time.Want to learn more about Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Wake Forest located in Wake Forest, North Carolina? Our mission is to provide secure, nurturing, and educational environments for children ages 6 weeks – 12 years. We help children to bloom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of society. For more information, give us a call or stop by for a tour! We’d love to get to know you and your family.