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Indoor Preschool Activities When It’s Too Hot Outside

Indoor activities for preschoolers

Summertime brings a lot of good things with it, but it can also bring hot and humid weather day after day. When it gets to be too hot to be outside, try one of these fun ideas with your preschooler!

Pitch a tent inside! If it’s too hot to go camping outside, bring the outdoors in! Using a real tent or some blankets to make a fort, it’s easy to transform your living room into a camping wonderland for your little one! Read books about camping together, have a singalong, and just enjoy the luxury of camping in the AC!

Play a board game or two! Easy-to-learn board games and card games never go out of style. The next time you find yourself stuck indoors, teach your preschooler a new game! Some great games for preschoolers are Go Fish, Hi-Ho Cherry-O!, and even I Spy!

Have a picnic indoors! If you can’t go outside for a picnic, you can still eat on a blanket in your living room. Do everything you would do for an outdoor picnic, just eat inside! Pack lunch in a basket and head somewhere in your home where you normally don’t eat. Maybe watch a show with your preschooler over lunch or just talk to them. This idea is sure to brighten up an indoor-only day!

The summertime blues can hit hard when it’s too hot to be outside. This summer, have fun activities planned so your indoor days can be just as fun as days spent outdoors!

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