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Preschool Learning Center Explains the Lifelong Benefits of Preschool

The preschool years are a formative part of a child’s life. From brain development to emotional and social development, children are growing rapidly, learning from and being shaped by their interactions with the adults and children they interact with. Preschool offers a prime opportunity for children to develop life skills through respectful interaction with other children and an exploration of new information, such as letters, numbers, and shapes. A quality preschool learning center program not only prepares children for kindergarten, but it also prepares them for a well-adjusted, healthy life.

Preschool Childcare Program

A Robust Preschool Learning Experience: Foundational to Lifelong Success

The Source, an online educational resource, highlights a statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), noting that “early brain development is strongly affected by the child’s surroundings and experiences. Children who have positive, educational early childhood experiences are more likely to experience school success, have higher graduation rates, demonstrate higher proficiency in math and language skills, have better cognitive and social skills, and are more skilled at self-regulation…. The AAP states, to focus only on the education of children beginning in kindergarten is to ignore the science of early development and deny the importance of early experiences.”

An appropriate, effective preschool learning program includes:

  • A curriculum informed by the best research on child development and early education
  • A safe, nurturing environment that encourages curiosity and confidence
  • Parent and family involvement, as well as regular communication between teachers and parents
  • Hands-on, self-directed learning experiences
  • Imaginative, purposeful play opportunities
  • Proper balance of structure and flexibility
  • Highly trained teachers and educational staff who contribute to the development of children through meaningful engagement with young minds
  • Activities that support children learning at their own pace

A Child’s Mind: Fertile Ground for Learning

During the first five years and especially between age three and age six, children are highly receptive to new information. As much as 90% of brain development occurs within this five-year time period. K-12 education, college ambitions, career goals, and life in general can be set up for success by tapping into a child’s potential during these formative years.

When children grow, connections form between brain cells, and the brain matures, creating new pathways that empower children to think and act in ways that are more complex. Positive experiences and interactions at an early age help a child’s neural pathways develop properly.

The Edvocate, an online magazine focused on education equity, reform, and innovation, writes, “The early years of a child’s life are the most important as they lay the foundation for the remainder of their life. As a young child grows and matures, it is the interactions they have with the adults in their life that dictate their mental growth…. Positive interactions help form the stepping stones for the brain which allows for greater intelligence and a healthy mind.”

A Focus on Relationships: Encouraging Healthy Social-Emotional Development

Respectfully playing and learning alongside other children at an educational preschool fosters many important social skills, such as:

  • Empathy
  • Cooperation
  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Accepting help

With guidance from an adult, children also learn how to process emotions and manage these feelings in a healthy way. Even negative emotions can provide teachable moments. Disappointment about having to share a toy can create an opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson.

By interacting and engaging with others, children learn how to respond socially and emotionally to a variety of situations. Proper social and emotional development at this young age provides children with a solid groundwork for the rest of their lives.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy: Hug First, Then Teach

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Valrico, children are provided with a secure, encouraging learning environment. The Valrico, FL preschool is a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate, and contributing members of society. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy strives to provide children with opportunities to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others.

preschool valrico

A family-owned and operated school, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Valrico encourages positive family involvement and a parent-teacher approach in which the needs of every child come first. The preschool learning program encourages cognitive, social, and emotional development. Through purposeful play, children at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Valrico are immersed in hands-on activities that empower them to understand their world and discover their strengths.

For more information about the educational preschool, visit Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Valrico on the web at or call (813) 657-6200.