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Kids ‘R’ Kids Discusses Moral Development in Preschoolers

How to imbibe moral values in preschoolers?

Moral values are guidelines that help judge right from wrong and enable better and fair decision-making. Since everyone grows up in varying environments, the moral values vary from individual to individual. Kids ‘R’ Kids, an educational preschool, shares the significance of moral values and how caregivers can build these important traits in preschoolers at an early stage.

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Importance of building moral values in children

  1. Builds positive character that exudes traits such as compassion, respect, kindness, and humility.
  2. Helps promote critical thinking and unbiased judgments. 
  3. Offers multiple perspectives on various aspects of life, which in turn shapes attitudes and beliefs.
  4. Elevates self-confidence in children and inspires a positive attitude in tough situations. 
  5. Helps children be more discerning when under the pressure of peers, social media, or society in general.
  6. A strong moral character helps elevate the yardstick for social living, thereby developing a society at large.

Ways To imbibe Moral Values In Children

  1. Set an example: Children acquire moral values that they observe in their immediate environment. Therefore parents and teachers must conduct themselves in a fashion that they want the children to observe and follow. Children are the masters of imitation and if they see virtues such as honesty and responsibility in their environment, the likelihood of them imbibing these values in their conduct is very high.
  2. Share real-time moral stories: Storytelling is a great way to help children engage with moral stories but sharing real-time experiences with children is much more impactful. It also allows children to view their parents sticking to their values and deepens the adoption of moral values.
  3. Practice: Stories and theory are pointless without applying them in real-life situations. Create or identify situations where children can practice these values. For instance, humility is a trait that can be practiced when helping the needy.  
  4. Praise good moral conduct: When children practice one of the moral traits in their daily lives, it is important to praise or reward them appropriately. This can reiterate the conduct and boost the child’s confidence. 
  1. Intelligent use of media: Media has a huge influence on children and teens today. Children can be exposed to the right content on the right platform to ease the adoption of moral learnings. For instance, children can watch videos that help them learn moral values in a fun and engaging manner.
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Why Kids ‘R’ Kids? 

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, Valrico, the philosophy of “Hug First, Then Teach” defines every aspect of learning. Its methodology of the whole-child approach constantly strives to strengthen and encourage every child’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical well-being through the expertise of its childcare providers and a unique partnership with parents.

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