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How to Achieve Preschool Success with Online Learning Academy Programs

Avoiding close contact with others is one of the first protective measures that societies worldwide implemented to prevent COVID-19 transmission. To cope with the health crisis, educators resorted to online platforms, which have proved highly successful in purely academic settings.

Pre-k School Valrico

However, in pre-k schools, learning is about more than receiving the delivered curriculum. In these schools, children learn through play and social interaction with classmates and teachers. Like higher-level schools, preschools with after-school programs have frequently needed to use virtual platforms such as virtual VPK programs to provide small children with engaging jobs to help them learn remotely.

Following are some tips and insights you can follow to improve your child’s virtual preschool experience.

Maintain Normal Routines

The sudden transition from a regular school routine to learning from home can be highly disruptive, especially to young children. One of the most effective ways to ensure familiarity with virtual learning is to stick to daily routines.

The Online Learning Academy Program from Kids ‘R’ Kids implements fixed virtual class times on weekdays, making it simple to maintain regular routines. The pre-k lesson plan for ages four and five has two different classes per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Manage Your Expectations

If you don’t have a background in early childhood development, you may fall into the trap of expecting too much from your child. As a facilitator of the Online Academy Program, be sure to realize that each child will learn at his or her own pace.

The Online Academy Program from Kids ‘R’ Kids offers various high-value features, including a subscription to, educational pre-k games, music and movement, and pre-k sight words. A visual schedule with each week’s objectives can be of substantial value in managing your child’s expectations.

Incorporate Home Extension Activities

Just as adults do, your child will start experiencing screen fatigue at some point. Staring at a screen will also not give your child the sensory stimulation and personal interaction they need to learn and develop.

Kids ‘R’ Kids has home extension activities and downloadable class materials available for you as a parent to use to promote learning in a real-world setting after the virtual screen session ends. Extension activities help children apply the information they learned to everyday situations and interactions with both people and objects.

Participate and Show Enthusiasm

Small children often don’t know how to respond to their virtual lessons. An integral part of a parent’s facilitating these programs is demonstrating to your child what she or he should do when taking part in the Online Learning Academy.

Enthusiastically answering the teachers’ questions, singing along, and dancing—all will help your child feel comfortable participating and having fun in front of the computer screen. Afterward, ask your child questions about the class to promote engagement and interest.

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About the Company

Kids ‘R’ Kids is a family-owned learning academy offering a wide range of innovative learning programs. The curriculum focuses on five core areas of education: technology, science, engineering, math, and art. Kids ‘R’ Kids understands the importance of providing parents with complete access to and information about their children’s progress.

Please be sure to contact Kids ‘R’ Kids today to find out how you and your child might benefit from the Online Learning Academy’s curriculum.