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Key Features of a Winning After School Care Program

It is always a challenge for working parents to manage their school-age children, before and after regular school hours, without the help of a quality after-school care program in Valrico, Florida 

Properly designed after-school care curriculums crafted by the best learning academies meet this need while continuing to provide for the ongoing education and physical health of their learners. Sending children to after-school care builds structure and balance into their lives while allowing parents the time to fulfill their work obligations with an absolute peace of mind. 

Many learning academies, such as Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy in Valrico, FL, provide weeklong day camp care during spring, winter and summer breaks, which adds an extra layer of support for working parents. Numerous studies by the Afterschool Alliance indicate that children attending before and after school programs have reduced risky behavior, increased moral values, improved physical healthstrengthened self-confidence, and advanced academic performance. 

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Key Features of a Winning After School Care Program 

Before selecting learning academy, parents should make a list of requirements, research references and visit several Valrico, FL area after-school care programs to learn how they compare. 

Vibrant Classrooms 

Classrooms should be bright, clean and comfortable areas with age-appropriate furniture and fittings that encourage children to partake in the overall learning experience. After school care facilities should also provide quiet areas where students can complete their homework assignments for their elementary school. 

Superb Health Safety and Supervision 

Parents should check that the after school care center provides secure storage for their child’s personal items and that access to that area is carefully controlled. The presence of CCTV cameras and other monitoring equipment may provide additional peace of mind.  

All staff that comes into contact with children must be appropriately certified, trained and have cleared background checks.  

Any after-school care facility must provide necessary medical facilities such as a first-aid area or sick room, complete with the required equipment and medicines. Members of staff should have completed the necessary training and be able to manage children’s medications if needed. 

Parents should check on the bathroom facilities during their visit as their condition will be a good indicator of the after school care program’s general attitude to hygiene. 

Wholesome Meals, Snacks, and Drinks 

The after-school care program must provide well-balanced and nutritious food and snacks that are prepared in a professional and hygienic kitchen. There must also be a focus on managing children’s liquid intake during the day. The center should be sensitive to and capable of meeting special dietary needs. 

Dynamic Exercise Areas 

While there is an educational focus to after-school care learning academies, there is also an element of fun and children should be encouraged to expend some energy in physical exercise. When visiting, parents should walk the recreational areas, noting the condition of playground apparatuses and the safety measures in place. 

Valuable Curriculum 

An excellent learning academy is one that has a plan for both the mental and physical health of their learnersParents are wise to ask questions about the curriculum material and what the expected outcomes will be, regardless of grade. Even if your child is in pre-k, you should know what a pre-k curriculum entails.

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Flexible Schedules  

Most parents also need their after-school care center to take care of their children during official elementary school holidays. The top learning academies will provide after-school care during these holidays to accommodate parent’s schedules 

ThKids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy in Valrico, FL offers before and after-school programs for children 5 to 12 years of age who attend local elementary schools for 1st grade through to 5th grade. 

Kids R Kids in Valrico believes that after-school time should be spent encouraging social and emotional growth as well as continuing academic growth through activities and games. At any age, it is best to learn through play, and Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy takes this philosophy into account for kids both big and little.