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Ways to Help Your Preschooler Make Friends

Ways to Help Your Preschooler Make Friends at Kids 'R' Kids Stafford, preschool, daycare, childcare

As parents, we want our children to have friends. Unfortunately, there are times when it takes extra work to make friends. Here are some tips to help your preschooler make friends.

Be a model for your preschooler. 

Preschoolers will imitate the behaviors seen. In your daily life, show your preschooler through your words and actions how to be a friend. Be patient, kind, and polite in how you interact with and speak of others. 

Books are excellent ways to learn about friendships.

Three fun and cute books that talk deal with friendship are A Bug, a Boy, and a Bear, Hunter’s Best Friend at School, and The Story of Fish and Snail. Reading friendship books with your preschooler provides opportunities for her to see what being a friend looks like. 

Pretend play provides a way to practice being a friend. 

You can use pretend play to put into practice the modeling you have shown your preschooler or to even act out some of the situations found in the books you have read. Through stuffed animals and dolls, pretend to be a new friend. Pretend play is a proven way for a preschooler to learn skills and practice different situations. 

If you have other children, being a part of family life provides another opportunity to teach your preschooler about friendships. There are frequent opportunities to work on problem solving, compromise, and sharing among others. Siblings can also bring friendships. 

By listening to your preschooler, you may be able to discern others within his class that he gravitates towards. Use that information to schedule play dates. Begin with one or two friends in order to not overwhelm your preschooler as well as be able to oversee how things go. Through play dates, you can also discern which children mix well with your preschooler. It is okay that not everyone pairs well. 

Not all children have the same social needs. Some kids will have lots of friends, while others will be content with just one or two. It is okay if your child prefers a smaller peer group. However, since relationships are an important part of child development the extra investment in friendships is well worth the effort.

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