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Preparing Your First Time Preschooler

Parents and preschoolers, alike, tend to be nervous or apprehensive about going to school for the very first time! By preparing beforehand, you can take away some of the nerves and help the first day go well. Here are our suggestions to help your family prepare! 

1.     Meet the Teacher

If your child’s preschool offers an open house or a chance to meet the teacher, go to it! This will help you and your child feel more relaxed on the first day and may even allow you to meet other children and parents in your child’s class.

2.     Meet Classmates

Try to organize a playdate with any of the children you know will be in your child’s class or school! Setting up a meet and greet at a nearby park can help your child begin to make friends and allow them to see some familiar faces on the first day.

3.     Practice Drop-Off

Drop-off will go much more easily on the first day of school if you practice separation with your child beforehand. For short amounts of time, try to leave your preschooler with someone else. This will show your child that you will always come back for them!

4.     Gather Belongings

Gather all of your child’s belongings the night before school starts. Let them pick out a blanket to bring in their backpack with any other supplies they might need, like a change of clothes or pull-ups. Having some favorite items in their backpack will help them adjust to a new environment.

5.     Don’t Linger

Many parents are tempted to stick around for drop-off if their child is crying. Try to say a short goodbye and then head out, no matter how your child reacts! Most preschoolers are going to cry, but your child’s teacher is capable of calming them down and it will be easier if they can’t see you anymore. Soon enough, new friends and new toys will distract them!

Beginning preschool is a big step for both you and your child! These suggestions will help the transition go smoothly and before long, you and your preschooler will settle into a new routine. Your child is going to love preschool and so will you!

For more tips on transitioning to preschool, see “Questions to Ask Your Child to Help Them Make New Friends in Preschool.”

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