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Help Your Preschooler Develop Gross Motor Skills

gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are the movements your preschooler uses for running and jumping, throwing a ball, and pedaling a bike.  Swimming at the pool this summer will help develop these skills for your child, too! Here are some activities to get your little one moving and building their gross motor skills:


Why do kids love to jump around so much?  Whatever the reason, it builds strength in their legs and bodies for other activities like running and bike riding.  Kids will display their dare-devil side by jumping over toys or jumping from the second step instead of the first. While it might stress you out, they are developing their gross motor skills and space perception that will serve them well as they get older.  Spend time at a trampoline park this summer so your child can build strength in their legs and also get those wiggles out!

Swinging and Climbing

Time spent at the park helps your child build so many gross motor skills.  Help your child learn to pump their legs while they swing. This fun activity will help your child with their coordination and timing!  As they climb rock walls, ladders, and stairs they will continue to build their hand-eye coordination and leg strength.

Hitting a Ball

Setting up a tee in your backyard or getting a set of toy golf clubs can provide lots of fun for your little one and help them with their hand-eye coordination.  This will help with your child’s timing and depth perception, among other things. If you are playing baseball, teach them to hit the ball, drop the bat, and run to “first”.  While your child may not be the next Aaron Judge, following the pattern will help them to follow directions and work to build their coordination to complete the activity!

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