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Practicing Thankfulness With Your Preschooler

thankfulness with your preschooler

It feels like summer was just yesterday, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Gathering with family and friends to reflect on the blessings of the past year make Thanksgiving such a special holiday. Take advantage of this time of thankfulness to practice having a grateful heart with your preschooler!

The Gratefulness Game

This game is an ideal activity for play dates or afternoons inside while it’s raining. It’s also a great way to talk about thankfulness with your child in a way that feels natural. Give everyone a small handful of skittles, M&Ms, or another favorite multi-colored candy. For each color, assign a category such a people, places, memories, or things. Then, have each person go around the circle and pick up one piece of his or her candy and say something they are thankful for based on the color. Keep going around until all the candy is gone!

Gratitude Journal

Practicing thankfulness can help it become a habit in our hearts and in our preschooler’s hearts too! Find or make a journal and designate it as your child’s Gratitude Journal. Each night before bed, have your child write down a few things that they are grateful for. Looking back at the journal can help encourage your child on days where they are down or their feelings are hurt.

Thankful List

The Thankful List is similar to the Gratitude Journal but it engages the entire family! Using a magnetic notepad on the fridge or some butcher paper on the wall, have each person write something they are thankful for on the list every night. You will have an overflowing list by the end of November and it will remind your family of the numerous blessings in your lives.

These activities are a great way to cultivate gratefulness in your preschoolers and your home during this season to celebrate thankfulness!

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