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A well-supervised, engaging and enriching camp for Junior and Senior Campers

South Shore Summer Camp Calendar

Fun and Education spins throughout the Summer!


Kids ‘R’ Kids is excited to kick-off Summer Camp 2020 with a Focus on Fun! Both the Junior and Senior Camps have jam-packed weeks filled with endless fun.


Our Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy provides a robust camp experience offering a unique blend of various weekly themes for camp Focus on Fun. Contact us to receive the specific Program details!

Offering a thrilling summer camp experience for preschool and elementary aged children.

Extended Hours, Meals/Snacks, Weekly Field trips, Sports, and more!

VIDEO: Kids 'R' Kids promotes the 2020 Summer Camp that "Focuses On Fun"

Focus on Fun

Our Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies offer an exclusive camp program for an educational and thrilling summer camp experience. We are #focusonfun.

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Kids ‘R’ Kids is excited to present this year’s summertime camp celebration… Focus on Fun! Summer Camp 2020 offers everything from retro to on-trend encounters that are anything but basic… while paving the way for families to reconnect at the dinner table. Focus on Fun will help campers join the next generation of leaders by forming friendships built on trust, giving back to the community with passion, and building character with confidence. This year we are planning on a school-wide charity drive that will knock your socks off! Featuring a Junior Camp for kindergarten to second grade and Senior Camp for third to fifth grade, each week of Summer Camp 2020 involves a new theme designed to empower and enlighten campers through amusing activities, fascinating field trips, timely lessons in teamwork and so much more! By the end of summer, campers will have their eyes opened to limitless possibilities and their minds focused on creating their own special brand of greatness.

Here are a few important notes for your information:

  • Please dress your child appropriately for summer camp activities. Children should wear closed toed shoes – NO flip flops or sandals.
  • Your child must be here by 9 a.m. (or the time noted on the camp calendar, whichever is earlier) in order to attend field trips. YOUR CHILD MUST BE CHECKED IN NO LATER THAN 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO DEPARTURE TIME IN ORDER TO ATTEND. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please be sure your child is here on time-this is for the safety and security of your children. Parents may not drop off or pick up from a field trip destination. If your child misses the field trip, they must be dropped off after their group returns from the field trip. If your child is absent, you must notify the center by 10 a.m.
  • You must sign a field trip form each day a field trip is scheduled.
  • Kids R Kids can supply your child with a summer’s worth of sunscreen. The product we use is “Rocky Mountain Kids, SPF 30”. If you ‘opt out’ of this option, you may supply sunscreen for your child to apply throughout the day.
  • We will also provide your child with the bug spray Off “Family Care.” If you ‘opt out’ of this option, you may supply bug spray for your child to apply throughout the day.
  • Children should bring a water bottle to camp on field trip days with only water in the bottle.
  • On Water Days (or field trip days where our students may get wet), please send your child to camp with: a swimsuit, towel, water shoes, and a plastic bag to keep wet clothes in. Please label all items.
  • Please supply a complete change of clothes (including shoes, socks & underwear). Please label all items.
  • Kids R Kids provides all meals and snacks for campers. Please do not allow your child to bring in outside food.
  • Children do not need to bring money on any of the field trips. Please do not send your child to school with money.
  • We are excited to announce we will be providing tablets for campers to use during the electronic/quiet time! We ask that you please keep you personal electronics, stuffed animals, pillows etc. at home.
  • We have an Open Door Policy. Guardians are welcome to visit any time – just alert the front office of your presence. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to speak with us.

    In our classroom, we stand true to the Kids ‘R’ Kids policy that children should be “hugged first, then taught”.   See you this summer!

South Shore Summer Camp Calendar