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Preschoolers and Vocabulary

Preschoolers and Vocabulary at Kids 'R' Kids Sienna Plantation, preschool, daycare, learning academy, childcare

Introducing new words into your preschooler’s vocabulary doesn’t have to feel like a school lesson – it can be fun! Help your little one expand their brains by exposing them to new words each day!

Have a word of the day 

Lots of resources exist online that list words that preschoolers should know. Go through this list by focusing on one word each day. Bring it up while your little one is eating breakfast and explain to them what the word means. Bring the word up later in the day to help them retain the information.

Create a labeling game 

Grab a sticky-notepad and go around the house with your preschooler and label things. Not everything found in a home is easy for a preschooler to understand or say, but words like door, food, chair, and many more would be easily recognizable by your little one!  Leave the sticky notes up for a while and go over them often with your child.

Encourage your child to ask 

It’s easy for adults to use big words around children and not think twice. Your preschooler may not be actively involved in the conversation you’re having with your spouse or another adult, but they can still learn from it! Encourage your preschooler to ask about words they don’t understand. You may not see them asking much at the beginning, but by patiently explaining new words to them when they come up, they will hopefully retain the information and learn new words all the time!

Words exist all around us. Taking tiny steps today to help your preschooler expand their vocabulary will set them up for success throughout their life!

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