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Three Bedtime Winding Down Ideas for Your Preschooler

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After a nice, warm bath, your preschooler can become a little too playful and excited before bedtime. As you listen to their squeals and little feet patter incessantly through the halls, you find yourself struggling to calm your little jumping bean. Here are a few ideas to help wind-down your preschooler to keep your evenings calm and crazy free!

Try to Avoid Sugary, Caffeinated Foods or Drinks

The best way to keep your preschooler calm before bedtime is to keep them away from any sugary or caffeinated items. This does not mean you have to completely keep them away from food or drinks, but remember to check the labels before you place them in your preschooler’s hands! You do not want to spend the rest of your night watching your child bounce off the walls!

 Listen to Music 

We adults can often feel calmer when there is some background noise around us as we prepare for bed. The same can be said for your preschooler! Either before bedtime or while you are preparing to put them to sleep, turn on some soft tunes to envelope your child in a sleepy haze. Something classical or any sort of lullaby will often do the trick. As you listen, remember to use a softer, quieter voice to remind your preschooler that it is time to be quiet and calm.

Enjoy a Bedtime Story

When your preschooler in that sleepy state, prepare for a bedtime story by tucking them deep within the covers and surrounding them with their favorite stuffed animals. By the time they are settled and sleepy, finish the night off with a bedtime story. Be careful and choose a story that has a calm and warm tone as something upbeat or scary may wake your child from their stupor! Then, read on and watch as your preschooler dozes off into a restful night’s sleep!

With your preschooler calm and sleepy, you will no longer have any trouble putting your preschooler to bed after an exciting day at daycare. Bedtime will become a breeze and both you and your preschooler will, hopefully, get more sleep because of it!

Preparing Your First Time Preschooler

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