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Preparing Your First Time Preschooler

Both preschoolers and parents can be nervous or anxious before going to school for the first time! Doing some preparation before the first day can ease nerves for everyone and help the day go smoothly. Here are some ways to help you and your preschooler prepare!

1.     Meet the Teacher

Many schools offer a Meet the Teacher opportunity or an Open House! Take advantage of this. It will help you and your child feel more comfortable on the first day and may even allow your child to meet other children in their class. 

2.     Meet Classmates

If you know any classmates or meet some at Meet the Teacher, try to coordinate a play date with some of them! You could even set up a meet and greet at a park nearby the preschool. This will help your child begin to make friends and recognize a few friendly faces on the first day of school!

3.     Practice Drop-Off

Practicing separation with your child will help drop-off on the first day to go smoothly. Leaving your child with someone else for a short amount of time will teach your child you will always come back to get them.

4.     Gather Belongings

The night before preschool, have your child help you gather their backpack and lunchbox. They can help you fill up the backpack with everything they need: a change of clothes, pull-ups, snacks, a special toy (if your school allows it), and a blanket for naptime. Bringing along these items will help your child feel at home in a new environment.

5.     Don’t Linger

During drop-off, it will be tempting to stick around for a while. Keep your goodbye short and sweet. It is totally normal for your child to cry, but if you stick around the crying will probably last longer. Leave them in the hands of their teacher and they will be more easily distracted by new toys and friends!

These suggestions to help you prepare for the first day will help your child’s transition go smoothly! Before you know it, you and your preschooler will be in a routine, and your child will grow to love going to school!

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