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Celebrating Earth Day with Your Preschooler

Celebrating Earth Day with Your Preschooler

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and it’s a perfect time to teach our children more about our planet and taking care of it! Not only does talking about the earth help them learn more about their surroundings, but it also helps teach them mindfulness.

Trash Collection

Spending time enjoying the earth on Earth Day is a no brainer! When you go on a walk or to the park, bring along some gloves and trash bags. Help your child find and collect trash, keeping a close eye on them so they don’t get into anything dangerous. Consider bringing two bags, one for trash and one to recycle! You will be setting a great example for your child and they will love helping keep our parks and trails beautiful.

Balloon Painting

For this fun activity, your preschooler will use a balloon to make an earth painting! Blow up a balloon but keep it small enough for your child to fit in their hand. Put some green and blue paint next to each other on a paper plate and allow your child to stamp the balloon in the paint and then onto cardstock. The colors will swirl together and make mini earths! Your child might be interested in using more colors to create an entire solar system. This would be a great opportunity to teach your child about other planets and why life exists on earth!

Dirt Cups

One of our favorite snacks as kids were worms and dirt cups! This fan-favorite snack is perfectly themed for Earth Day. To make the dirt cups, find some small cups and fill with a couple scoops of chocolate pudding, homemade or store bought will work! Then, crush up some oreos by placing them in a plastic bag and using your hands or a rolling pin. Finally, add the cookie crumbs to the cups and top with gummy worms!

This activity, craft, and snack will give you and your preschooler a full day of Earth day fun! Not only will they have a great time with these activities, but they will be reminded of how special our planet is and how important it is to take care of it.

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