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Are you looking to make an impact in future generations? Do you want to guide the future leaders of our community? At Kids ‘R’ Kids of Prairie Hills will are looking for passionate, loving, and dedicated team members to help us with this cause. Our team members will be able to provide not only the education for the children under our care, but they will also provide a loving environment for these children to grow outside of their homes.

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Core Principles

We are looking for individuals who exemplify the following core values:

  1. Love
  2. Virtue-A High Moral Standard
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Genuine care for others that results in extra attention
  5. Fun Environment
  6. Respect for Others
  7. A Growth Mindset

Our purpose at Kids ‘R’ Kids of Prairie Hills is to unite to develop children within our community. We will unite with families to develop the next generations of children into intelligent, healthy, productive, and unique individuals. We achieve this goal by developing relationships built on joy, trust, and love with our families and teachers to make a positive impact on our community. “Hug First, then Teach”

Job Summary

Bring life lessons and important life skills to life in the classroom! Teach children on to play and communicate with others, understand their emotions, and develop physically. Be a primary individual in a child’s life who teaches them the everyday skills we need to be successful in life. These skills include personal care and hygiene, and positive attitude. Help assess the children so they are getting the full benefit of their learning abilities and getting the most out of your instruction. Develop meaningful relationships with families so you can partner in the development of their child/children!


  • We make sure all our teachers meet and exceed the minimum state requirements for licensing.
  • Three mentors (non-relation) that speak to your character and competence.
  • Pass a background check

Job Responsibilities

Educational Programs

  • Develop and implement creative lessons that children love to participate in.
  • Teach about diversity, equality, and inclusion to make this world a better place to live.
  • Creates and work in an environment that breathes playfulness and happiness.

Health & Safety

  • Ensures children and all team members have a safe and fun place to grow and develop.
  • Thinks quickly and acts in the best interest of all if an emergency arises.
  • Has the opportunity to observe and document children to help with their future growth and well-being.

Relationships with Families

  • Builds a professional relationship with families so the best possible care can be provided to each child.
  • Communicates with families on a regular basis.

Center Staff

Develop relationships with like-minded individuals who have the same goal of making a difference in children’s lives.


  • Work in an environment that allows you to think critically and use sound judgment.
  • Be able to use your communication skills communication skills for the betterment of all parents, children, and team members.
  • Play with children every day and get to experience your inner child.
  • Teach children the truly important lessons of life such as kindness, dignity, and
  • Have different growth opportunities and skill development lessons to help you grow personally and professionally.