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Teaching Preschoolers About Nature

Teaching Preschoolers About Nature at Kids 'R' Kids of Northern Greensboro, childcare, daycare, children

Have you or your preschooler ever wondered how the world worked? Maybe a newfound appreciation for nature is only a fun fact away! Below are five to get your journey into the natural world started: 

The Life Cycle of an Animal

Many animals go through different stages in their life cycle, such as eggs, larvae, pupae, and grown-ups! Take the time to teach your little one how different animals grow.

The Stars in the Sky

The stars are one of the most amazing things you can see in the night sky. You can help your child find different constellations and talk about how the stars are actually Suns that are very far away. 

The Solar System 

The solar system is made up of the sun and all of the planets that orbit around it. You can find out more about the different planets and how they are different from each other by doing some research online or at the library. 

The Weather 

The weather is caused by different elements in the atmosphere, such as the sun, wind, and rain. You can help your child understand the weather by paying attention to the forecast and talking about the different things that can affect the weather. 

The Different Types of Rocks and Minerals

Each one has its own unique properties. Try to find two rocks in your yard that are exactly alike – it’s impossible! The natural process of wear from wind, rain, and moving against other rocks shapes them in unique ways. Each one is special, just like you! 

Nature is a wonderful thing that provides us with many opportunities to learn and explore. By teaching your child about different natural phenomena, you can help them develop a love and appreciation for nature. 

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