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Exploring New Foods with Your Preschooler During National Fruit and Veggies Month

Exploring New Foods with Your Preschooler During National Fruit and Veggies Month at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare childcare

Do you find that you struggle to get your preschooler to eat fruits or vegetables? You are not alone! While children’s taste buds can be more sensitive than adults to the bitter aftertaste of some vegetables, nutrition experts say that preschoolers can grow to like healthy vegetables with a little help from their parents.


Look through some cookbooks or magazines for recipes that include a new fruit or vegetable your preschooler would like to try. Take a trip to the grocery store with your preschooler and purchase the new produce. You may also explore the produce section and talk about different fruits and vegetables. Be sure to grab a few of their favorite produce selections as well.  


Giving preschoolers some control in choosing food makes them more inclined to try it. Make a game of it! At the store, give them a color and challenge them to put one item of each color in the cart (ex. cauliflower for white, blueberries for blue, carrots for orange, tomatoes for red, etc.). Discuss how your child would like the foods to be prepared as you put away the groceries. 


Growing your own foods from seeds in a garden can be a worthwhile endeavor. Preschoolers enjoy eating foods they grow themselves — not to mention it is a great learning experience too!


At home, your child can help prepare the food by washing the produce, tearing lettuce, slicing certain fruits or vegetables, husking corn, or even helping with the cooking. Kids are more likely to eat a food that they have a hand in preparing. You may also want to visit your local library to look for books about different foods. 

Do not be discouraged if your preschooler doesn’t like a fruit or vegetable the first time it is offered. It may take several attempts for them to begin to eat it. When all else fails, for those super picky eaters, camouflage the vegetables in other foods! Finely chopped or pureed vegetables can be added to casserole dishes, pasta sauces, soup, pizza, even desserts. Your preschooler most likely will not even realize they are eating vegetables. 

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