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New Parent’s Guide to Childproofing

New Parent’s Guide to Childproofing at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

A new baby brings lots of joy and excitement! Even so, the new responsibility can also bring about new concerns and uncertainty over the many potential dangers lurking around your home. By taking the time to childproof your home, you can ensure a safe environment for your newest family member.   


One of the first precautions to implement should be lowering the temperature of the water in your home. To prevent scalding, the water heater temperature should be less than 120°. A burn can happen in only seconds under water that is too hot. Spout covers can also be purchased to protect a baby’s head from injury against hard metal spouts.

Cabinets and drawers

Cabinets and drawers pose another risk. Safeguard the contents of drawers and cabinets by installing locks; however, rearranging may be a wiser choice for some hazards. Things like cleaners, chemicals, medicines, and laundry detergents need to be moved to an unreachable height. For additional security, locks can also be installed. 


Windows bring about another set of dangers. Blinds and drape cords need to be secured out of reach of toddlers to prevent strangulation. If possible, purchase cordless blinds. Window locks, guards, and wedges are other options to install on windows to help in preventing falls.

Heavy Items

Heavy items bring the risk of tipping over and falling. This is particularly dangerous for small climbers. All heavy furniture should be anchored to the wall. Parents should also take the time to walk through the home and look for heavy decorative items a toddler could pull down on themself. Consider moving those heavier pieces of furniture to a safer location, or even packing them away for this season of your family’s life.


In addition to stairs being blocked off, gates can be used to block off other rooms, such as a kitchen, or they can be used to create a dependable safe area where the baby can play. This area can be used to keep the baby safe while meals are being cooked, the bathroom is being used, or another time where the parent’s attention is not one hundred percent. It is important to ensure the gated area is completely safe. 

This is not an all inclusive list, but by starting here, you will likely discover other similar safety concerns that can quickly be remedied. With just a little work, you can provide a very safe home for your new baby!

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