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Tips for Organizing Your Preschooler’s Room

Tips for Organizing Your Preschooler’s Room at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, childcare, daycare

Is your preschooler’s room constantly a disaster? It can be difficult to manage the endless toys, craft supplies, and dress-up clothes. Here are three tips to help you organize your preschooler’s bedroom and keep it that way!

Give everything a “home.” 

The main purpose of the bedroom is for rest. For many families, the child’s room is also a place for toys, crafts, and eventually homework. Since so many activities can happen in the same space, it is important to visually divide the room into separate spaces to help keep things more organized. Then help your preschooler identify where each item in their room will “live.” Does this belong in the dress-up box, do these crayons go in the desk, do these clothes hang in the closet, and so on. If every item has a home, it is easier for your child to put it away.

Get creative with storage. 

There must be adequate storage to house your preschooler’s books, toys, and clothes. Take advantage of vertical storage as much as possible. Floating shelves can hold various items. Hooks can help organize hair bows, bags, jackets, hats, and award medals. Even an extra dresser can make a great storage space for dress-up items, dolls, or figurines. Plastic storage bins can be stored under the bed or stacked in the closet to contain Lego bricks, matchbox cars, trains, or Barbie dolls. You can also utilize the bedroom and closet doors with over-the-door organizers.

Gather unneeded items. 

Regularly remove and put away items that do not belong in your preschooler’s bedroom. Cups, school papers, and many other items cause unnecessary clutter. Keep a small basket in your preschooler’s room where they can place items that need to be returned to other rooms. A few times a year (before birthdays and Christmas is good), go through your child’s room and remove things that they no longer use, clothes that do not fit, or items they are ready to donate.

Organizing your preschooler’s room does not have to be complicated. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for them to participate in keeping it organized!

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