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    Modeling Thankfulness for Your Preschooler

    Modeling Thankfulness for Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

    Although it might seem like thankfulness should be spontaneous rather than forced or rehearsed, preschoolers have to be taught how to express thankfulness. Modeling and then practicing gratitude can ensure that it becomes a habit. Here are a few ways that parents can model thankfulness for their preschooler.

    Write Thank You Notes

    Thank you notes are a tangible way for preschoolers to express their thankfulness. They can practice writing their names and copying other words or drawing a picture. Thank you notes can be given when your child receives a gift or when someone does a kind gesture. Model by writing thank you notes to teachers, coaches, or caregivers for things they provide for your preschooler.

    Perform Acts of Kindness

    There are many different ways you can show your gratitude for other people, even people you do not know. Your preschooler might let a friend borrow a toy or your family might do yard work for a neighbor. Returning a favor or helping out others who have helped you in the past is one way to model thankfulness. These acts of kindness can extend to other community helpers or people outside of your regular circle too. Gratitude is not just for the people you know personally. You could write thank you notes or take some cookies to your local first responders. 

    Start a Thankfulness Routine

    Set aside time each week to model thankfulness. Often, with the busyness of life, we forget to set aside time to be thankful. Choose one (or more) of the options below, and then set a “Thankfulness Routine” weekly alarm on your phone. When the alarm goes off, stop what you are doing and express your gratitude. 

    • One day a week when the whole family is together at dinner, take turns sharing one thing each person is thankful for.
    • Every Sunday night before bed, choose one person you plan to show gratitude to that week and describe how you will express it to them.
    • On the car ride to work or school, each person thanks the other people in the car for one thing they have done for them.
    • Every Saturday morning, each person will write or draw a thank you note or make something for someone in order to show their appreciation for that person.

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