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Outer Space Activities Preschoolers Will Love

Outer Space Activities Preschoolers Will Love at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

Does your preschooler like to look up at the sky? Are the stars, sun, and moon interesting? No matter the answer, here are some fun activities to help your preschooler learn about many different things pertaining to outer space. 

  1. In advance of this activity, gather pictures of different constellations to show your preschooler. Then, gather marshmallows and glue. With these, you can help your child create a miniature version of the constellations. 
  2. Instead of marshmallows, you or your preschooler can hand draw constellations. Then, allow your child to use liquid glue to trace over the constellation. Next, your child can use chia or flax seeds to pour over the glue. This is a fun way to allow the constellation to stand out a little more.
  3. Create a simple sensory bin. Rocks can be planets. You can include glow-in-the-dark stars, glow sticks for rockets, and dried black beans for space rocks. You could approach this in any direction that your mind takes you!
  4. Check out children’s books about the moon from your local library. Afterwards, you can use Play Doh to make the moon and use markers (or anything pokey) to make craters.
  5. Show your preschooler pictures of the different phases of the moon. Then, allow your preschooler to cut into chocolate and cream-filled cookies in order to make the different moon phases. 
  6. Have star-themed activities. Let your preschooler paint stars (that either you draw or that you print from an online template), or play hide and seek with glow in the dark stars. Take turns with your preschooler for who is doing the hiding and finding of these stars. 

Your child may or may not be as naturally enthralled with outer space compared to a peer. However, just taking the time to read, create, and pretend with your preschooler will allow your child to have a new appreciation for what is far beyond! 

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